Andras Felkai Academic Award

The Andras Felkai Academic Award is a scholarship intended to support young Hungarian economics students to obtain a university degree or further studies. The scholarship is available for both undergraduate studies and graduate studies in Hungary and abroad. Eligible expenses which may be covered include tuition fees, exams, textbooks, teaching aids and the related costs of travel and accommodation, etc.

The aim of the Andras Felkai Academic Award is to contribute to the Hungarian economy and the financial sector with highly trained professionals who, like Andras Felkai, are characterized by a positive attitude, competence and international-mindedness. In order to achieves its aims the Award supports the studies of talented students and young professionals selected by the committee.

Andras Felkai was a prominent and respected figure of the Hungarian financial sector. He was born in 1956 in Budapest, began his studies in Hungary, and then lived with his family in Greece and India for many years. He obtained his diploma at Dresden University of Technology Traffic and Transportation Psychology, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. From 1980 until 1988 he worked at CIB Bank and left the bank as the leader of the division of International Corporate Relations. In 1988 he was appointed the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, later the Chief Executive Officer of Inter-Europa Bank. In the middle of the 1990s he worked at the branch of the Sao Paolo Bank in Vienna, then from the end of the year he was President and Chief Executive Officer of European Commercial Bank. After 1998 when Citibank bought the financial institute he played executive roles in Citibank Hungary. In the subsequent years, he successfully led his own consulting company, and was a member of the board of directors of Synergon Information Systems plc. He died tragically in an aircraft accident with other members of the Management Board in June 2001.

Citibank Hungary - together with the Foundation for Developing Financial Culture - has co-founded the Andras Felkai Academic Award in 2002. After ten years of operation, the family of Andras Felkai has changed the legal background of the scholarship, and since 2012 the Andras Felkai Foundation is taking care of the delegated fund.

The Andras Felkai Foundation would greatly appreciate any financial support. Due to the public interest organization status, donations are tax deductible, as well as the supporters will be automatically invited to the Andras Felkai Club, where they can contact award winning scholars, university representatives and other supporters. Moreover the supporters name will be published on the official website of the Award.

Bank Account of Andras Felkai Academic Award
Name of the bank: Citibank Europe plc Hungarian Branch Office
IBAN number: HU71-10800007-10000000-14709002
GIRO Bank account number: 10800007-10000000-14709002

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